The following are key individuals you may need to contact throughout the process of orienting yourself to college life at WLC. We look forward to welcoming and assisting you.

Key Campus Contacts:

Admissions Ext. 8811 Lucas Faust
Athletics/REX Ext. 8808 Skip Noon
Business Office Ext. 8844 Diane Hoehnke
Campus Events Ext. 8870 Karen Plamann
Campus Ministry Ext. 8825 Nathan Stroebel
Career Services Ext. 8635 Thad Jahns
Commuter Services Ext. 8549 Karen Fischer
Dining Services Ext. 8827 Jim Glinos
Financial Aid Ext. 8856 Linda Loeffel
Fine Arts Ext. 8875 Dan Schmal
Health Services Ext. 8549 Karen Fischer
Information Desk Ext. 8800 Karen Plamann
Johnson Controls Ext. 8882 Dan Smith
Library Ext. 8864 Starla Siegmann
Mailroom Ext. 8752 Laurie Keophipath
Programming Ext. 8813 Barb Wellnitz
Provost Ext. 8614 John Kolander
Residence Life Ext. 8857 Judy Eggers
Registrar Ext. 8785 Brett Valerio
Student Affairs Ext. 8853 Dennis Miller
Student Support Ext. 8797 Karen Sitz
Student Employment Ext. 8639 Donna Stollenwerk
Technology Ext. 8911 John Meyer

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