Residence Life: To Bring...or Not to Bring

Res Hall What to Bring 

At Wisconsin Lutheran College, resident rooms are furnished with a bed and mattress, chest of drawers, closet and a desk with chair for each occupant. All rooms are carpeted and have drapes, shades, or miniblinds. Each residence hall room also is equipped with a microwave/microfridge. Furniture is designed to be moved or lofted. The remaining furnishings are waiting for you to add the personal touch and character that will make the room yours.

What to Bring

Sheets and blankets, mattress pad, pillow, desk lamp, wastebasket, towels and toiletries. You should bring extra-long twin-size bed sheets. While some beds use twin-size sheets, most beds are longer. Extra-long twin-size sheets will always work.

Small bookshelf, mugs, cups, clothes hangers, plants, posters, pictures, and a throw rug if you desire.

Cell phone, alarm clock, laptop, iron, hair dryer, small TV, and other "necessary" gadgets of low wattage.

Hot pots and coffee makers are permitted ONLY IF THEY HAVE AUTOMATIC TURN OFF.

Winter coat if you can't get home before Thanksgiving.

Download our College Packing List.

What Not to Bring

Alcohol or illegal/intoxicating drugs. Wisconsin Lutheran College is an alcohol- and drug-free campus and its buildings are smoke-free. If you smoke, you should do so outside, away from building entrances and windows.

Firearms or weapons.

High wattage appliances - no one appreciates the person who is always tripping the circuit breakers. No hotplates or halogen lamps.

Pets - a college campus is no place to keep a pet. Fish are OK with up to a 10-gallon tank.

Things that burn - no candles or incense please!