WLC's hometown news release program

What is

Wisconsin Lutheran College uses software from readMedia to publicize student achievements and activities on campus – such as making the Dean's List, being named president of a club, winning an award, getting cast in a play, or participating in athletics. It creates personalized stories about these accomplishments, publishes them online at, and sends them to hometown newspapers. This makes sure students get credit for the work they're doing on campus, which helps with summer jobs, internships, and even job interviews and references after graduation.

Why is important for students?

A profile creates a positive online identity for post-graduation success. Most companies research applicants online, and some have rejected applicants based on what they found there. Having a profile helps people who make decisions about internships, graduate school, and jobs find positive news about students. Students who are featured are informed of the announcement through their WLC email address and are encouraged to share their accomplishments with family and friends via social media channels such as Facebook.

What types of accomplishments will be included?

  • Dean's List
  • Merit Scholarships
  • Honors Convocation Recognition
  • Award Winners
  • Internships
  • W.O.W. Team Leaders
  • Ambassador Club
  • Student Senate
  • Varsity Sports
  • Fine Arts
  • Graduation

How do students can claim their profiles?

Go to and search for your name. Next to your name, find the option to claim your profile. Enter your WLC email address and submit the form. will send you a confirmation email. Claim your profile by clicking on the "connect with Facebook" button in the email you receive. Follow the Facebook prompts for logging in and connecting to your Facebook account. By doing this, you've claimed your profile.

How can we help?

Departments, faculty members, or student organizations will be asked to provide WLC's Office of Marketing & Communication with a brief description of the item they would like to recognize students for, along with an Excel spreadsheet listing of students (plus hometowns and email addresses) who have earned the accomplishment – such as being selected for the cast of a theatre production, making the football team, or taking a college-sponsored service trip. Our office will submit the information to

What if a student wants to opt out?

To opt out of the program, email your request to You will be given instructions on how to opt out of future stories.