Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my first Warrior OneCard?
Once you are an official WLC student your account information will be entered into the OneCard system. Please stop by the OneCard Office with either your current class schedule or your driver's license and a Warrior OneCard will be made for you.
How do I get a replacement Warrior OneCard?
If your card is lost, click here.
If your card is damaged, and needs replacing, click here.
Will I get a new OneCard each year?
In the past new cards were issued at the start of the fall semester. With our new banking partnership we feel that students will want to keep their Warrior OneCard with them all year long. We do not plan on reprinting cards over the summer. If your card is damaged, please check out the section Replacement Cards.
How do I request parking access?
All parking is assigned by Johnson Controls. Once payment has been made, Johnson Controls will notify the OneCard Office for your card to be programmed.
What buildings can I access?
Each student Warrior OneCard comes with access to the Campus Center. Hours vary depending on the academic year. If you require additional building access, it is your responsibility to notify the Building Manager of the building you are requesting access for. They will notify the OneCard Office if approved. Most Science classes have access that has been granted by either their class Professor or by the Science Building Manager.
What is a declining balance account?
A declining balance account is a pre-paid debit account. There are two separate declining balance accounts on your Warrior OneCard: General Funds and Meal Money.
Meal Money? General Funds? Which one do I use? And where?
Remember that when purchasing food, funds will always be deducted from your Meal Money first. If you do not have Meal Money, funds will be deducted from your General Funds. Photocopies or purchases from the Warriors Fan Shop will only come from your General Funds.
Dining Hall Yes Yes
Brewhaus Yes Yes
Brick House Grill Yes Yes
Vending Machines Yes Yes
REX Concessions Yes Yes
Athletic Field Concessions Yes Yes
Jimmy John's (off campus) No No
Warriors Fan Shop Yes No
Library Copier Yes No
Where can I use my Meal Money?
Meal Money can be used at the following locations: Courtyard Cafe, Brewhaus, Brick House Grill, Vending Machines, REX Concessions, and at the Athletic Field Concessions
Where can I use my General Funds?
General Funds can be used at the following locations: Warriors Fan Shop, Library Copier, Courtyard Cafe, Brewhaus, Brick House Grill, Vending Machines, REX Concessions, and at the Athletic Field Concessions
Where can I use my Warrior OneCard ATM/Debit card?
You can use your Warrior OneCard ATM/Debit card at over 1.2 million Interlink point-of-sale locations nationwide. Whether you are at the gas pump or at the grocery store, simply swipe your card through the reader, select "debit" and enter your ATM PIN code. After you approve the amount to be paid, the total will be debited from your U. S. Bank checking account.
Where is the OneCard Office located?
The OneCard Office is located in the Technology Office. It is in the Administration Building, on the second floor. Please stop by B220 for questions on your Warrior OneCard, or for replacement cards.
Where is the Business Office located?
The Business Office is located on the first floor of the Administration Building. Please stop by A103 for deposits to your Warrior OneCard or changes to your meal plan.
Why do I need to contact U.S. Bank if I lose my Warrior OneCard?
U.S. Bank is responsible for the ATM/debit portion of your Warrior OneCard. When you report your card as lost to U.S. Bank, they will immediately deactivate the ATM portion of your Warrior OneCard. Once you get a replacement card from the Warrior OneCard Office, call or stop by the U.S. Bank branch to have the new card attached to your checking account.