Lost/Stolen Warrior OneCards

If you have lost your Warrior OneCard, or believe it is stolen:

  • Immediately report it to the Warrrior OneCard Office by calling 443-8911, or emailing
  • Your onecard will be placed on hold.  You then have the option of purchasing a replacement card for $25.00 or keeping your card on hold until it shows up or you decide to purchase a new one
  • Please remember that once a card has been placed on hold, it cannot be used by anyone, including you!
  • If you find your card, please stop by the OneCard Office to have it reactivated, or send an email to and we will contact you once it has been reactivated
  • Replacement cards are $25.00
  • There are no refunds given once a card has been printed

If you have activated the U.S. Bank debit portion of your card 
(You would have opened a student checking account with U.S. Bank for this to happen)

  • Follow the steps listed above, plus...
  • Contact the U.S. Bank branch during normal business hours at 414-454-4600. 
  • If lost any other time, contact 24 hour customer service at 800-USBANKS.  U.S. Bank will immediately deactivate the ATM portion of your Warrior OneCard.  Once you get a replacement card, call or stop by the U.S. Bank branch to have the new card attached to your checking account.