Program Objectives

The Lutheran Church, since its inception, has embraced the Reformation tradition of ad fontes (“to the sources”) and encouraged faculty, who are bound to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions, to prepare the laity for lives of Christian service. In this spirit, the mission of the honors program is to: esteem tradition; encourage curiosity; teach God’s truth. As they pursue those ends, graduates of the honors program of Wisconsin Lutheran College, will:

  1. Acquire literacy in the profound theological, cultural, and scientific ideas and texts that comprise the architecture of the Christian and Western traditions.
  2. Apply their literacy in the interdisciplinary conversation that the Christian and Western traditions inspire and as they pursue their vocations in their careers, families, and as active members of both the church and society.
  3. Advocate for the holistic integrity of and the dynamic interplay between the Christian and Western traditions that this educational program explores.
  4. Pursue an on-going active participation in a specific research or service program.
  5. Fulfill their vocations as Christian leaders, not only in intellectual endeavors on campus, but as they live out their vocations in the world into which God has called them.


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