Frequently Asked Questions

What is the honors program?
The honors program is an alternative general education program that can be combined with any major or professional program that the college offers. It is also a program designed to promote academic leadership and the doctrine of vocation on our campus.
I’m not the top student in my graduating class. Should I still apply to this program?
The honors program is committed to academic excellence, not elitism, and it is designed to contribute to a sense of academic diversity on our campus. As such, it is a program for those students interested in pursuing a unique, rigorous, inter-disciplinary, text-based education.
What are “great books” courses? What will the courses be like?
These inter-disciplinary courses are designed around the close examination of those enduring texts that serve as the foundation of both the Western Christian tradition and a liberal arts education. The classroom experience will be similar to that of a seminar, in which the professor serves as a tutor who guides class discussions and learns with the students. Students are expected to contribute significantly to their course activities.
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How will I benefit from participating in this program?
This honors program provides numerous benefits, beyond its prestige, to its participants. Students who are enrolled in this program can be certain that the process of cultivating this rigorous academic experience will thoroughly prepare them for any major, program of study, or vocation that they wish to pursue.
Through its emphasis on building student cohorts, providing special housing, developing mentoring and research or service opportunities with faculty, and providing opportunities to meet important academic figures who visit campus, the honors program seeks to help students participate fully in a learning community on campus and develop relationships that last throughout their lifetimes.
Finally, from a more practical perspective, students who participate in the program will receive a $1000 scholarship and an Apple iPad. The college will also formally note their participation in the program on their transcripts.

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How can I find out more information about this program or apply for admission?

Contact the college’s Office of Admissions or the program’s co-directors, Dr. Kevin Glaeske and Dr. Aaron Palmer, for more information. You may also click Application to find out more about applying to the program.