Honors Program

Great books change lives. The faculty of Wisconsin Lutheran College believes this credo and has developed an honors program that serves as a living witness to the ability of texts to transform lives. This honors program offers an alternative general education curriculum that encompasses what the Lutheran academic and reformer Philipp Melanchthon found to be essential for students: the acquisition of literacy skills and the shaping of the human heart. Studying the great authors and texts of the Western Christian tradition enables students to develop their ability to think critically, to express themselves confidently, and to develop empathy for others as they explore the essential timeless questions and ideas that every society and culture confronts.

The faculty leading this program represent the various academic disciplines on campus and, while active in their fields of inquiry, these faculty members are fully committed to offering the students in this program a unique rigorous academic experience.


“The knowledge of good authors forms not only expression and speech, but also the heart.”

- Philipp Melanchthon


Honors Program Mission

The Wisconsin Lutheran College Honors Program is committed to helping students esteem the great authors and texts of the Western Christian tradition, promoting students’ curiosity about the questions that tradition raises, and teaching God’s truth as the wisdom that serves as the foundation for lives of Christian service in their various vocations.


Honors Program Curriculum

The honors program offers a 48-credit alternative general education curriculum, which allows students pursue any major or program of study offered at the college.

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Honors Program Application Process

While oriented primarily toward students who have achieved a certain level of academic success (as demonstrated by a 3.7 GPA and a 27 ACT/1820 SAT score), the honors program is open to any student interested in committing to this challenging, but rewarding, experience.

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