Welcome to Warrior Dining!

With the ever-changing needs and lifestyles of our students, we recognize the importance of offering healthy, nutritious and flexible menus. The variety of our menus and food selections are the result of listening to the changing needs of the student body. Warrior Dining is committed to providing you with exceptional meal plans and outstanding food.

As you enter the Courtyard Cafe, you'll immediately notice the different venues, all offering freshly prepared foods. Choose from stations such as the grill, deli, pizza oven. Rotisserie oven, chef's sautéed entree, salad bar, homemade soup, cereal, desserts and much more! This dining facility features several different options in a food court setting. Whatever your taste, whatever you crave, you'll find it here -- from homemade pizza to chef-carved rotisserie meats; from freshly sautéed entrees to deli-style sub sandwiches.

Our commitment is to offer you great food, flexibility, variety, security, convenience, and nutrition!