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Digitally Engaged
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Mike Rohde

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A designer, author, illustrator and sketchnoter, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has a passion for simple and usable design solutions. He believes it's important to share thoughts, ideas and process, so others can draw insight from his experiences. He has been writing here since February, 2003, covering design, sketching, drawing, sketchnotes, technology, travel, cycling, books and coffee. book

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Digitally Engaged - Talk & Lecture Series

What is it?

The ecosystem of technology is always changing, so we need to share with our students, faculty, and community; those individuals who live, breathe, and influence the future, of technology.

The purpose of this series is to promote technology, the humanities, and Media Design to WLC and the community. Giving you, the audience, the oppertunity to meet professional creative people.

Media Design

WLC Media Design Program

The goal of this interdisciplinary major is to produce four-year B.A. graduates who can apply for entry-level positions in design, business and/or communications careers. Graduates will be liberally educated, integrative thinkers, problem solvers and successful employees because they can take advantage of generalist and specialist experiences and training during their undergraduate education at WLC. Graduates will have had coursework in current software, to include Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash and Adobe Dreamweaver at this writing.