Choose the WLC sport & exercise science program

The Wisconsin Lutheran College sport & exercise science major combines a robust interdisciplinary education in the health sciences and liberal arts with diverse hands-on experience in a wide range of laboratory, clinical, and field venues. Successful completion of this major prepares graduates for lives of servant leadership in a wide range of professions (personal training, athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, etc.).


Students who enroll in sport & exercise science courses will get hands-on experience. The above photo shows a student participating in an isokinetic test. Students in lab courses take turns both participating in and conducting the tests.

A participatory test in the Exercise Physiology lab course is conducted at Froedtert Hospital's Sports Medicine Center, near the college's campus. The student below is on a treadmill completing a VO2max test. This data is useful when assessing aerobic endurance levels and evaluating economical functions of the human body.


Students collaborate during a kinesiology and biomechanics class to develop anatomical analysis of motion in the temporal phase. Students complete the analysis and then develop training programs to increase strength and flexibility to increase overall skill performance.

Kinesiology and biomechanics


In Dr. Balza's Muscle Physiology class, students dissect and extract the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) of a frog. They attach the muscle to electrodes, and an electrical current is sent through the muscle to stimulate muscle contraction. Muscle contraction is then observed and data electronically gathered to study and compare.


BIO 265