Choose the WLC philosophy program.

Join the Great Conversation and explore the issues that affect our civilization. Practice philosophy with a strong foundation in Christ and grow in your faith. Pair your philosophy major with any other major and bring creative and disciplined thinking to your college degree. Prepare for careers in law, theology, business management, medicine and journalism, or attend graduate school to deepen you understanding of philosophy.

Choose the WLC philosophy program and make your college education a thoughtful experience.

Philosophy Collage 

Participate in the important discussions of our time.

For centuries, thoughtful people have been asking questions about goodness and God, immortality and the soul, what we can know and how we know it, how to make sense of our world, and more. The philosophy program provides you the opportunity to participate in this traditional and always-relevant discussion in the twenty-first century.

Study philosophy with the solid foundation of Christ.

WLC offers a philosophy major, a philosophy minor and diverse courses that are open to all thoughtful students. Students work diligently to be CHRISTocentric, biblical, confessional. A student of philosophy at Wisconsin Lutheran College is practicing philosophy with a strong apologetic purpose.

Continue to be a part of the Great Conversation long after college.

Diverse philosophy courses have been crafted to help you to become an even more interesting and interested human being - no matter what vocation or graduate program you follow after college.

A major in philosophy is highly recommended as preparation for law, theology, business, management, medicine, journalism or other careers and areas of service that require the ability to think in a creative and disciplined manner about questions that are new or whose method of solution is debated.