Coaching Internship Opportunities

Internship: Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club

Jamie Matz-Coaching intern

Jamie Matz
Senior, Sport & Exercise Science Major, Coaching Minor

Jamie's experiences with Milwaukee Sting Volleyball Club included assisting coaches at various levels with practices, running practices when asked, helping to develop and implement a volleyball specific strength and conditioning program, and working youth volleyball camps.

As Jamie reflects on her internship, she says, "I get excited about making a difference in the lives of the children I come in contact with. It makes me realize how close coaches get to their athletes and how important that is. I never really understood it as an athlete, but the right coach can make a world of difference."

Internships are an important aspect of a college education in providing students with opportunities to gain hands-on learning and begin net working for future careers. Jamie believes that "this internship could very well help me get a job as a volleyball coach at almost any level."

Jamie's interactions with coaches throughout a wide age range gave her opportunity to develop a broad level of coaching skills. Her favorite aspect of the internship was working with the kids. She says, "When you help them, and something you say finally makes them realize what they have been confused about for so long, it is a wonderful feeling."

Internship: Wisconsin Lutheran College Football

Shaun Stannard - Coaching Intern

Shaun Stannard
Senior, Communication Major, Coaching Minor

Some of Shaun's internship responsibilities with Wisconsin Lutheran College Football included supervising team weight lifting sessions, leading speed training sessions, assisting with various drills, stations and lifts, and assisting with spring practices.

Specifically, Shaun used his experiences as a former member of the team and defensive line to help players understand their roles and motivate them to reach their full potential and give maximum effort.

Shaun's reflections on his experience show how valuable the intern experience can be: "Truly getting a first-hand look from a coach's perspective is one of the most appealing things about this internship. Interning has given me a realistic look at everything that goes into coaching football at the collegiate level."

He goes on to state, "Internships teach you many things you can carry on into any career; accountability, leadership, and effort were all asked of me and these will all help me to become successful, regardless of my career path."