Choose the WLC mathematics program.

Develop your mathematical thinking - work with abstract concepts and relationships, recognize patterns, analyze complexity, and communicate your ideas in appropriate professional forms. Become an integral part of the mathematics program as a tutor, grader and departmental assistant. Join your fellow mathematicians in the Math Club and the International Mathematical Modeling Competition. Gain an advantage in a variety of fields including education, accounting, computer programming, investing, banking, marketing, sales, statistics, and government.

Choose the WLC mathematics program and make your degree count.

Mathematics Collage 

Move beyond mere computations and develop mathematical thinking.

Mathematics courses at Wisconsin Lutheran stress conceptual understanding of the development of mathematical thinking. Courses take students far beyond mere computations with numbers. Calculus is just the beginning. Students learn to work with abstract concepts and relationships, to recognize patterns, to analyze complexity and to communicate their ideas in appropriate professional forms.

Experience all the mathematics program has to offer.

Mathematical Surface


Mathematics students are actively involved on campus, serving as tutors, graders and departmental assistants. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the math club, and teams of Wisconsin Lutheran students participate in the International Mathematical Modeling Competition. Math students have their own study room and a computer laboratory next to math faculty offices.

Mathematical Modeling Lab: The Mathematical Modeling Lab provides networked Intel-based computers running MS Windows. In addition to the standard MS Office productivity software and the Maple mathematical package found on other campus workstations, these computers feature PCTeX for LaTeX typesetting of technical documents.

Math Study Room: Mathematics students have their own study room in the Science building equipped with blackboards, whiteboards, comfortable chairs, working desks, and a collection of mathematical journals.

Jump-start your career with your degree in mathematics.

Students with a mathematics major or minor readily find a wide variety of career opportunities. Our graduates are employed in fields as diverse as banking, finance, communications, U.S. Defense Department, industry, insurance, marketing, publishing and teaching at the high school and college levels. Those pursuing graduate study have always been awarded teaching scholarships or fellowships by one or more of their chosen schools.