Declaration of the Human Social Services Major

Students wishing to major in Human Social Services must apply and be formally admitted to the program. Student may only apply for major after completing HSS 300: Human Social Services. In addition, students must supply documentation for four semesters of volunteer work. Major application procedures include the completion of an "Application to Declare a Major" form (yellow form), which is obtained from the student's college mentor or the registrar. This form, the volunteer activity documentation forms, and the student's academic folder is processed by the registrar and then sent to the department for review.

The Human Social Service faculty review the student's GPA and volunteer activity, in addition to completing the Student Evaluation for Human Social Services Major, prior to making a recommendation to A) accept the application, B) accept the application with reservation, or C) reject the application. In the case that an application is not accepted, the faculty will make specific recommendations to outline the steps students can possibly take to successfully complete the application process. The faculty advisor notifies students of acceptance via email and the registrar provides the student with documentation that the process has been completed. Everyone in the Human Social Services Department is eager to serve students and assist them in reaching their academic goals at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

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