Modern Languages: German

There are many exciting reasons to study the German language. Not only is German the cultural heritage of twenty-five percent of all Americans, it also gives students an edge in many fields of endeavor.

Build your knowledge.

German proficiency provides access to the second largest information resource on earth - the German internet. This is not only helpful for German studies, but for all fields. In addition, graduate study programs of many universities require students to be proficient in a foreign language. German is ideal because it has significantly contributed to the academic and scientific world. Being able to do research in the original language provides the student with accurate and otherwise often inaccessible information.

German Major Collage 

Enhance your career.

Knowledge of German is recognized in such diverse fields as international law, philosophy, music, literature, theology, psychology, technology, archaeology, as well as chemistry, biology and engineering. German career opportunities can be found in public service, legal professions, education, travel and tourism, business and industry, the Armed Forces and in International Relations. A business administration degree, paired with a German major or minor, gives students a leading edge in today's global market.

Strengthen your language skills with real world application.

The German major and minor at Wisconsin Lutheran College provide students with a solid base in German language studies. A variety of courses and a modern language lab provide students with opportunities to strengthen their language skills. Those students spending time abroad are not only given the opportunity to enhance their language ability, but also the chance to gain a greater awareness of German culture and themselves. In addition, the German program also provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real world. During their course of study students interact with elementary students at the German Immersion School in Milwaukee, participate regularly in German movie and game nights, attend German church services and eat at German restaurants.