Choose the WLC environmental science program.

The environmental science program offers students a variety of scientific perspectives on environmental issues. This course of study provides the opportunity for students to focus on the growing interfaces of biology, chemistry and earth science as applied to the environment.

Wisconsin Lutheran College provides an environment in which a student can study the complexities of creation in a classroom where God's intricate design can be recognized as such. The study of the environment and the relationship that humans have with the environment and with each other regarding environmental issues are addressed from a Christian perspective. This major will help prepare students to be active in society as stewards of God's creation.

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Environmental Science vs. Environmental Studies

The environmental science major differs from the environmental studies major in that it requires greater depth in science. The environmental science major also has an interdisciplinary nature, but the major allows students to choose a direction within the science disciplines in the elective options.


Dive in and find out more information about marine and freshwater research. marine research
Discover soils research and environmental relationships and get your hands dirty. soils research
Investigate phosphate and biosensor development and how get involved in bioengineering. Phosphate research