Communication Course Descriptions

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COM 101 Introduction to Communication. 3 cr.
An introductory communication course designed to develop an understanding of the basic principles of the field of human communication. Topics covered will include the fundamentals of communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, and mass communication. Emphasis is on the inquiry, organization, and delivery used in a variety of communication experiences. A minimum grade of C or better is required to satisfy the general degree requirements. Not applicable to the major or minor in communication.
COM 201 Introduction to Professional Communication. 3 cr.
This course is to equip students with skills in business and résumé writing, interviewing, oral presentations, and work relationships. Prereq.: COM 101.
COM 203 Introduction to Mass Communication. 3 cr.
An historical overview of various individual mass media technologies and the industries that grew up around them. Emphasis on the social, cultural, economic, ethical and political impact of the mass media.
COM 205 Research Methods in Communication. 3 cr.
An introducation to research methods used in the communication discipline. An overview of methods and techniques used for systematic observation of communication behavior. (COM majors/minors must get a C or better) Prereq: COM 101.
COM 211 Small Group Communication. 3 cr.
A study of procedures, processes, and dynamics of small groups. Students engage in small group projects throughout the semester to gain understanding and experience in small group theory and behavior. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 241 Introduction to Digital Cinema. 3 cr.
An introductory course in film style production and digital media. The course will include instruction in all aspects of production including videography, lighting, sound, and editing. Students will perform a variety of exercises including image composition, three point lighting, interview technique, and producing a movie scene. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 242 Digital Editing and Post Production. 3 cr.
This course will concentrate on the importance of digital story telling through the art of editing. Students will learn how to edit sequences in order to strengthen the story being told. Exercises in the course will include digitizing, creating a time line, working with digital effects, enhancing the audio, adding music, cutting sequences, authoring, DVD and other format creation, and distribution. Prereq: COM 241.
COM 250 History and Criticism of Public Address. 3 cr.
An historical and critical study of public discourse in a variety of forms. This course is designed to enable students to understand the impact and influence of this practical art form on belief and action of receivers. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 260 Interpersonal Communication. 3 cr.
Investigation of and experience with communication that facilitates the establishment and maintenance of effective personal relationships. Prereq: COM 101 and 205.
COM 301 Professional Communication. 3 cr.
An advanced public speaking course designed to provide students with a higher level of expertise in the area of business and professional communication. Business presentations, including technical, proposal, and sales presentations will be practiced along with courtesy and commemorative speeches. Prereq: COM 201.
COM 302 Writing for Mass Communication. 3 cr.
Creating, designing, and editing of print, radio, and television news stories; newspaper and magazine feature articles; and print, audio, and video advertising copy. Prereq: ENG 101.
COM 305 Family Communication. 3 cr.
This course looks at how we develop, maintain, enhance, or disturb family relationships through communication. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 307 Communication and Gender. 3 cr.
Communication and Gender is designed to integrate theory and practice in the study of gender as a communication variable. Gender similarities and differences will be examined in the context of interpersonal and professional relationships. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 309 Intercultural Communication. 3 cr.
A study of the complexity of communication in the intercultural setting. This course looks at the roles of context and power in intercultural interactions from a variety of perspectives. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 310 Topics in Communication. 1-3 cr.
Topics in communication will be offered occasionally. Possible areas of study include argumentation and debate, communication and leadership, political communication, health communication, audio/visual communication, etc. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 311 Listening. 3 cr.
Analysis of the nature, process, barriers to and improvement of listening skills. Speaker, listener, location, and message variables as related to comprehension are discussed. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 315 Persuasive Communication. 3 cr.
Study of persuasive messages from the viewpoint of both sender and receiver. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 331 Principles of Public Relations. 3 cr.
An introduction to the principles of public relations including history, ethics, theory, concepts, uses, techniques, and practice. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 332 The Practice of Public Relations. 3 cr.
An advanced study of public relations strategies emphasizing program development and crisis communication. Tactics will include press release series, fact sheets, speechwriting and delivery, writing and editing for public relations publications, and special events planning. Prereq: COM 331.
COM 333 Leadership and Communication. 3 cr.
Leadership competence is the product of communication competence. This course looks at the different approaches to leadership, leadership traits, leadership and team member communication styles, ethical responsibilities of leaders, and the Christ-like model of servant leadership. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 340 Health Communication. 3 cr.
Health Communication is a diverse field devoted to communication as it is used to provide health care and promote public health. This course will include topics from areas of communication research including interpersonal, intercultural, group, organizational, and mass media. We will expand, explore and apply students knowledge of communication skills and theories by designing a public health campaign.
COM 341 Advanced Digital Cinema. 3 cr.
The course will build on basic production techniques concentrating on lighting and diffusion including the uses of flags, cookies, gels, and scrims. Training in camera placement and movement will illustrate how production can be enhanced by proper use. Students will also learn about directing cast and crew for the camera. An overview of the business side of production and distribution will provide students with an understanding the role of the producer. Prereq: COM 241 and COM 242.
COM 342 Digital Cinema Production. 3 cr.
In this class students will develop, write, direct and edit a ten-minute digital artifact. Students will assist each other by serving as crew and talent on other students’ productions. Students will gain hands-on class experience in all aspects of digital media production. Prereq: COM 241, COM 242, and COM 341.
COM 343 Screenwriting. 3 cr.
An introduction to content, styles, and formats of scripts and screenplays. Instruction will concentrate on the development of an idea, pitching the idea, creating plot lines, writing the treatment, structuring the three acts of a screenplay, and writing the script. Students will create, develop and write a twenty-page script in an appropriate format. Prereq: ENG 101 and THR 201.
COM 360 Communication and Conflict. 3 cr.
A study of the relationship and the process of human conflict. Conflict within families, personal relationships, and business settings with strategies for management. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 380 Non-Verbal Communication. 3 cr.
An introduction to non-verbal communication in everyday interaction. Emphasis on reading, observation, analysis, and presentation of research through individual and group projects. Prereq: COM 101.
COM 403 Issues in Contemporary Mass Communication. 3 cr.
This course addresses from a Christian perspective the cultural, ethical, and moral issues faced by those in the field of mass communication as they link the mass media and American society. Prereq: declared COM/CAR majors and minors.
COM 405 Sports Communication. 3 cr.
An advanced study of mass and interpersonal communication in the field of sports. Emphasis in the critical analysis of written and broadcast sports communication, the history of sports communication, and interpersonal communication in sports including coaching and athlete interaction. Prereq: declared COM/CAR majors and minors.
COM 410 Advanced Topics in Communication. 3 cr.
Opportunities for advanced study of topics in communication. Prereq: COM 101 and declared COM/CAR majors and minors.
COM 431 Senior Seminar in Communication. 3 cr.
An integrative academic experience for communication majors in their final semester of study. Considered a senior capstone course where students demonstrate their communication competence. Prereq: Senior standing or consent of instructor. Required of all communication majors.
COM 460 Methods of Teaching Speech Communication. 2 cr.
A detailed study of the special problems that face the teacher of oral communication. Includes special attention to the development and criticism or oral assignments and the operation and organization of co-curricular activities in forensics and debate. Open to COM majors and minors in elementary and secondary education certification program.
COM 490 Internship. 1-3 cr.
By arrangement with the department.
COM 199-499 Independent Study. 1-3 cr.
By arrangement with the department.