Dr. Andrew A. Mundt (2005)
Associate Professor of Chemistry


  • B.S., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1990
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry / Biophysics, Washington State University, 1997


I joined the WLC faculty in 2005 after spending four years working in France in the area of scientific instrumentation and four years in Houston running operations for a mortgage services company. I strongly incorporate my varied experiences into my teaching in order to prepare my students for the workforce and the global job market. When I am not teaching, I enjoy quiet time with my wife, Anne, and daughter, Claire; singing in choir at church and with the Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee; and playing role-playing games with friends. I also find time to fish and “hunt” musky on the Chippewa Flowage each fall.

Courses Taught

CHE101 (Fundamentals of Chemistry)
CHE 161 (General Chemistry I)
CHE 162 (General Chemistry II)
CHE 310 (Instrumental Analysis)
CHE 341 (Physical Chemistry I - Thermodynamics)
CHE 342 (Physical Chemistry II – Quantum Mechanics)
CHE 348 (Physical Chemistry I Lab – Thermodynamics)
CHE 349 (Physical Chemistry II Lab – Quantum Mechanics)
CHE 350 (Biochemistry)
CHE 371 (Special Topics – Biophysical Chemistry)

Research Interests

My doctoral dissertation research focused on various aspects of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). Since then, I have also written and published in the areas of protein structure and kinetic techniques. My current research efforts are divided between developing novel proteins and enzymes, and exploring the structure of hair.


  • American Chemistry Society
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science


Mundt, A.A.; Cuilliel, M.; Forest, E. and Dupont, Y. (2001) Peptide Mapping and Disulfide Bond Analysis of the Cyoplasmic Region of an Intrinsic Membrane Protein by Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Biochemistry 299: 147-157.

Buet, P.; Lewitzki, E.; Grell, E.; Albrecht-Gary, A.-M.; Wannowius, K.J.; Mass, F.; Elias, H.; Mundt, A.A. and Dupont, Y. (2001) Concentration Jump Experiments for the Precise Determination of Rate Constants of Reverse Reactions in the Millisecond Time Range. Analytical Chemistry 73: 857-863.

Mundt, A.A.; Crouch, G.J. and Eaton, B.E. (1997) Bimolecular DNA triplexes: duplex extensions show implications for H-form DNA stability. Biochemistry 36: 13004-13009.

Dewey, T.M.; Mundt, A.A.; Crouch, G.J.; Zyzniewksi, M.C. and Eaton, B.E.  (1995), New Uridine Derivatives for Systematic Evolution of RNA Ligands by Exponential Enrichment. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 117: 8474-8475.