Art Course Descriptions

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ART 101 Drawing 1. 3 cr.
A variety of drawing media will be explored to develop basic drawing skills that enable students to interpret form and sharpen their sense of sight.
ART 102 Drawing 2. 3 cr.
Continuing study and exercise relating to drawing as an art form. A broad spectrum of techniques will enable students to explore visual avenues of communication and self-expression. Prereq: ART 101.
ART 111 Introduction to Visual Art
This lecture course is an introduction to the vocabulary, processes, and history of the visual arts in human culture. Analysis, understanding, and appreciation are emphasized. Recommended for General Education requirements and not recommended for Art or Art Education majors.
ART 121 Design Fundamentals: 2-D Design. 3 cr.
A study and exploration of the elements and principles of design and their application to the designing process, basic to all art fields. Creative design experiences will explore a variety of 2-D media.
ART 122 Design Fundamentals: 3-D Design. 3 cr.
A study and exploration of the principles of design as applied to three-dimensional form and space. Emphasis will be on translating conceptual elements to construction through the application of various materials.
ART 201 Painting 1. 3 cr.
A studio course applying the principles of painting in acrylic and oil. Students will apply their understanding of color theory and technical avenues necessary to describe forms and express ideas. Prereq: ART 101 and ART 121.
ART 202 Painting 2. 3 cr.
Extended exploration of the technical and expressive possibilities of acrylic and oil along with mixed media painting approaches. Emphasis will be placed on the nurturing of personal content and individual language. Class will include field trip experiences. Prereq: ART 201.
ART 211 History of Art 1 (Ancient to 1500 AD). 3 cr.
A study of ancient and medieval architecture, painting, and sculpture with examination of the cultural context in which the great art of Egypt, Greece, Rome, and the Christian West developed. Includes museum visits and church tours.
ART 212 History of Art 2 (1500 to 1945). 3 cr.
A study of the development of European painting, sculpture, and architecture and the representative masters from the Renaissance through 1945. Includes museum visits and gallery experiences.
ART 213 History of Art 3 (1945 to present). 3 cr.
An analysis of the artistic directions from 1945 to the present. Prereq: ART 211 or ART 212.
ART 220 Ceramics 1. 3 cr.
An introduction into the forming, firing, and glazing methods in contemporary ceramics. Techniques will include use of the potter's wheel, hand building, slab construction, relief modeling, and low-fire glazes. Lectures and presentations will introduce historical movements from prehistoric through contemporary American ceramics.
ART 222 Sculpture 1. 3 cr.
An introduction into the tools, materials, and methods of modern sculpture. Lectures will present issues from Realism to Abstraction. Hands-on assignments will compliment lectures with work in wood, stone, and clay. Techniques introduced will cover the sculptural processes of carving, modeling, and construction.
ART 231 Topics in 2-D Design. 3 cr.
As a continuation of ART 121 this course presents intermediate concepts such as module, grid, color, pattern/repeat, and texture of two-dimensional design. Prereq: ART 121.
ART 240 Computer as a Design Tool 1. 3 cr.
An in-depth study and application of techniques used to create computer-generated art using Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite software. Prereq: ART 121. Recommended: ART 201.
ART 241 Computer as a Design Tool 2. 3 cr.
An in-depth study and application of techniques used to create computer-generated drawings and illustrations using Adobe Illustrator® Creative Suite software. Prereq: ART 121. Recommended: ART 201.
ART 242 Web Design. 3 cr.
Web Design is an investigation of structure, usability, and composition with focus on design aesthetics. The course introduces web construction applications and basic web methods. Teaching students technical competency, a critical eye, and an appreciation for effective Web Design. Prereq: ART 121. Recommended: ART 240 or ART 241.
ART 251 Photography 1. 3 cr.
An introduction to the 35 mm camera and black and white darkroom techniques presented through demonstrations, assignments, and lectures. Course will present the history of photography from 1835 through the present, with an emphasis on fine artists, composition, and technical application.
ART 252 Photography 2. 3 cr.
Camera and darkroom techniques with a focus on portfolio development and gallery presentation. Demonstrations and lectures will introduce studio lighting techniques pin-hole photography, large format cameras, specialized darkroom techniques, Holga photography, Rayograms, color printing, infra-red, and hand-coloring.
ART 274 Printmaking. 3 cr.
A study of drawing and composition applied to the making of multiples. The course introduces the media and techniques of relief and intaglio processes. Prereq: ART 101, 102 and 121.
ART 303 Graphic Design 1. 3 cr.
Fundamentals of graphic design - including typography, layout, and imagery - are introduced in a sequence of practical experiences. Both traditional and desktop processes are used. Prereq: ART 231.
ART 304 Graphic Design 2. 3 cr.
A continuation of ART 303 which uses intermediate experiences to study issues such as format, color, and production techniques. Traditional processes emphasize concept, and desktop processes emphasize workflow. Prereq: ART 303.
ART 306 American Art. 3 cr.
A study of American art and architecture from the first settlers to significant masters of the modern day. Course will include museum visits.
ART 307 Non-Western Art. 3 cr.
A survey of the artwork of African, South American, Native American, Asian, Pacific, Caribbean, and Australian peoples in context with each culture's traditions and beliefs. Course includes museum visits.
ART 310 Studio Workshop. 1-3 cr.
Changing unique studio experience, taught by a guest artist and/or WLC art faculty. The course is directed at a specific studio focus to expand the students' knowledge and creative potential. Prereq: based on studio focus.
ART 320 Ceramics 2. 3 cr.
Advanced wheel and construction work with an emphasis on production and sculptural ceramics. Demonstrations and lectures will focus on glaze chemistry, kiln construction, and advanced wheel throwing techniques. Prereq: ART 220.
ART 322 Sculpture 2. 3 cr.
Extended work into sculpture techniques, current trends, and issues. Advanced work in welding, metalworking, mold making, and lost-wax casting. Prereq: ART 122.
ART 330 Advanced Computer Applications. 3 cr.
A continued study of computer techniques as they apply to design and illustration. Prereq: ART 240, 241, and 351.
ART 340 Ceramics 3. 3 cr.
Ceramics 3 is the study of functional and sculptural high fire ceramics. The student will work with porcelain and stoneware clays, learn reduction and gas firing, kiln construction and firing, and high fire glaze mixing, application, and firing. Prereq: ART 220 or ART 320.
ART 342 Web Design 2. 3 cr.
Web Design 2 is a continuation of ART 242. This course investigates additional media techniques via advanced approaches of web design and media design, with a focus on aesthetics. Prereq: ART 242. Recommended: ART 240 or ART 241.
ART 345 Kinetic Art. 3 cr.
This course is viewed as building on the work in Sculpture 1 and 2. Students will work with light, gravity, mechanical movement (operated by hand) and air currents, to make kinetic sculpture. The course will include the historical work of Duchamp, Man Ray, Tinquely, Paik, and Calder as background for the work. Prereq: ART 222 or ART 245.
ART 350 Visual Communication 1. 3 cr.
An exploration of the varied dimensions of graphic design including illustration, layout, and design. Prereq: ART 102 and 121.
ART 351 Visual Communication 2. 3 cr.
Advanced applications in graphic design, layout, illustration, and Quark XPress software. Prereq: ART 350.
ART 352 Photography 3. 3 cr.
An in-depth and directed study into the medium of photography. The student will determine an advanced area of research in consultation with the instructor and focus on a specific area of photography as an art form. Color photography and chemistry, video and documentary production, advanced black and white darkroom techniques, and advanced printing papers and chemistry are options, the goal of this course is for the student to produce a cohesive and thematically unified body of work ready for exhibition. Prereq: ART 251 or ART 252.
ART 356 Fiber Art and Design. 3 cr.
Adaptation of design principles and creative concepts to two- and three-dimensional problems utilizing fiber-based media. Techniques to be explored include fiber manipulation, applique, quilting, and soft sculpture. Prereq: ART 121.
ART 357 Figure Sculpture 1. 3 cr.
Figure modeling is explored through carving and casting in stone, wood, clay, and bronze. Students will study the figure in art working from life and classical studies. Course work will center on the study of anatomy, perceptual understanding, and modeling skills.
ART 358 Art Metals. 3 cr.
Basic principles of metalwork and jewelry introduced through small metal fabrication and casting processes. Emphasis is on creative design and craftsmanship. Prereq: ART 121 and 122.
ART 360 Watercolor. 3 cr.
A study of the techniques and application of various watercolor media, including transparent watercolor and gouache. Prereq: ART 101.
ART 367 Figure Sculpture 2. 3 cr.
Figure Sculpture 2 will focus on casting the figure in bronze, mold making, and advanced modeling techniques. Clay modeling and anatomy form the core of the course, with outside work and casting in bronze and resin. Studio work from the model, lectures, and discussions will cover the history of contemporary figurative work. Prereq: ART 222.
ART 375 Printmaking 2. 3 cr.
A continuation of ART 274. This course investigates additional media and techniques of fine art printmaking. Students learn more advanced approaches and techniques, with a focus on artistic creativity. Prereq: ART 274.
ART 379 Advanced Drawing. 3 cr.
Advanced study of the drawing media based on previous studio work. Guided and exploratory development of the drawing media with a focus on concepts, materials, aesthetics, and individual awareness. Research and outside experiences are involved in the advanced process of developing a personal style. Prereq: ART 102.
ART 380 Advanced Painting. 3 cr.
A continuing study of previous studio work with painting media offering exploratory approaches to concepts, aesthetics, and awareness. Emphasis on the student's individual technique, statement, and expressive content. The course will focus on advanced research into the student's individual style. Prereq: ART 202.
ART 381 Anatomy for the Artist. 3 cr.
The student will focus on the study of the human figure from observational, expressive, and scientific viewpoints. Students will develop perceptual drawings from people, anatomical models, and artists' works. Lectures will include the presentation of the depiction of the human figure in history and a base knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system. Prereq: ART 101 and 102.
ART 391 Advanced Art Studio. 3 cr.
An advanced studio course focusing on the student's individual exploration of various 2-D or 3-D media. Research and outside experiences are involved.
ART 400 Contemporary Trends. 3 cr.
An analysis of artistic directions in current times. Course includes readings of contemporary criticism and theories, discussions, presentations, written responses, and various gallery experiences. Prereq: Sophomore standing.
ART 401 Senior Seminar. 1-3 cr.
A group study of students' individual work and current trends in art. Faculty and visiting professionals will discuss making the transition from undergraduate studies to graduate school, a professional career, or employment. Elements of professional practices are explored, including portfolio preparation, resumes, gallery dealings and responsibilities, and advanced research in art. Prereq: junior standing.
ART 490 Internship in Art. 1-3 cr.
A professional work experience under the supervision of selected business and WLC art department faculty within the student's area of emphasis. The student relates theory to practice and interacts with professionals in a specific art-related field. Regular progress reports and a final written summation are required.
ART 491 Advanced Art Studio. 3 cr.
An advanced studio course focusing on the student's individual exploration of various 2-D or 3-D media. Research and outside experiences are involved.
ART 497 Thesis Exhibition. 1 cr.
Each graduating art major will prepare an exhibit of his or her selected work, with the approval of art faculty. Includes artist's statement, exhibit preparation, and production of an exhibit announcement. Prereq: department approval and senior standing.
ART 199-499 Independent Study. 1-3 cr.
Students will focus on individual direction based on previous research and studio work at WLC under the direction of an art faculty member. A written contract designed by the student and instructor will outline the research, media, and criteria. All materials to be provided by the student.