Choose the WLC art program.

Participate in the creative experience and develop your God-given talents. Enhance your learning experience with museum trips, gallery tours, guest artists and visiting professionals. Travel to interesting and exotic locations to gain inspiration for new work. Take advantage of a large metropolitan area with a thriving art scene. Develop relationships with professionals in the art community.

Make your college career an inspirational experience, choose the WLC art program.

Art Collage

Develop your individual skills of visual expression.

The art department offers all students the opportunity to develop their individual skills of visual expression through personalized guidance and professional training. Art courses are designed to promote aesthetic literacy, visual thinking, creative expression and critical analysis.

Make the wonders of God's creation part of your creative experience.

All students are encouraged to participate in the creative experience and develop their God-given talents as a means to discover the wonders of God's visible creation. Museum trips, gallery tours, guest artists, and visiting professionals are incorporated into courses to enhance the learning experience. Students have traveled to Costa Rica, Norway and national parks to gain new experiences to bring to their work.

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Become a visual communicator in life and work.

The program is designed to prepare competent visual communicators for life and work in professional art fields and graduate school.

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