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Adult Accelerated Degree Program - Tuition and Financial Aid

The accelerated degree completion program is designed to make going back to school as affordable as possible.

The cost for the 48-credit major requirements of $19,680 covers tuition, fees, and books. Many of our students qualify for employer reimbursement, or federal financial aid and federal direct loans, reducing their immediate out-of-pocket cost to $0.

  • Financial Aid

    Our supportive financial aid office is dedicated to helping you find additional sources of funding to help meet the costs of receiving a quality education.

    This checklist helps you walk through the steps necessary to apply for financial aid. We strongly recommend you complete these steps in the order in which they are listed.

    1. If you don't have one already, apply for a  Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID to be used as an online signature. Retain your FSA ID for use each year.
    2. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Information from this application is used to determine if you're eligible to receive money from federal grant or loan programs. WLC's code is 014658.
    3. Complete any documents you receive from the financial aid office, which will be emailed to you upon electronic receipt of your FAFSA.

    Before an offer of financial aid is granted, Wisconsin Lutheran College requires your acceptance for admission. Your personal enrollment advisor simultaneously guides you through the financial aid and admission application process.

    Finishing your degree has never been so fast, easy, or affordable!


    $19,680 ($410/credit)* for the complete 48-credit major including all books and class materials and access to campus services including the library, Academic Success Center, computer lab, and underground parking. The program major is normally completed over 20 months including a total of five semester and summer terms.

    Program charges break down as follows:

    • $4,920 for each spring or fall semester with four 3-credit courses.
    • $2,460 for each summer term with two 3-credit courses.

    *Your tuition rate is guaranteed to remain constant throughout your program pending your continuous enrollment. If you take a leave of absence or temporarily withdraw from the program, a special fee may be charged and your tuition rate will be adjusted to the current rate in place for new students at the time of your re-enrollment into the program.


    Wisconsin Lutheran College created a website to guide you through the loan application process. All federal loans are disbursed through the Federal Direct Loan program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. You have the right to cancel or lower your loan at anytime by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.


    You are encouraged to research whether you qualify for an employee tuition reimbursement benefit. Most programs provide reimbursement directly to employees after courses have been completed and credits have been earned. WLC can work with you to provide a deferred billing schedule based on your employer's policies. Making the maximum use of employer reimbursement plans can be an effective strategy for reducing college costs.


    Military Friendly Logo 2016Wisconsin Lutheran College is a designated Military Friendly® and Yellow Ribbon Program® school, and is recognized for exhibiting leading practices in recruiting and supporting post-military students. Our enrollment and academic advisors are equipped to assist veterans with continuing education and degree completion questions.

    Veterans eligible for educational entitlement from the Veterans Administration should apply for benefits to receive their certificate of eligibility prior to college registration. A copy of the certificate of eligibility must be sent to the Office of Financial Aid before benefits can be certified. Veterans receiving educational benefits from the VA must report immediately any change of program (adds, drops, withdrawal) to the Office of Financial Aid as such changes may impact benefits.



    Pell Grant

    A federal grant, the Pell program provides direct grants, in the amount of $626 - $5,775 per year. The grant amount is based on the expected family contribution established by the FAFSA.


    If, as a full-time student, you decide to withdraw from the accelerated degree completion program before the end of a spring or fall term, your tuition for the term will be divided into four equal parts (two equal parts for summer terms). These parts are equal to the number of courses offered per term. One part will be refunded for each course remaining in the term.

    If you've attended one class meeting or participated online for one week of a course before dropping the course, 75% of the tuition for that course will be refunded. If attended two class meetings or participating online for two weeks, 50% would be refunded. If you've attended more than two class meetings of a face-to-face course or participated in more than two weeks of an online course, you will be charged for the entire course. For courses already completed, 100% of the tuition for such courses will be considered earned by the college. These prorated refunds apply only to students withdrawing from the program and are not applicable to withdrawal from individual courses by students active in the program. For active enrollees, attending a single class session or logging into an online course constitutes attendance and results in a tuition charge for the full cost of the course.